Frequently Asked Questions

School Banking Day is Friday.  

Encourage a good savings habit from a young age, making small , regular deposits is the best way to  go even 50c or 10c  a week is a great start to regular savings and creates a good savings habit.  

If you would like to register your child, applications are available from the school office. The children receive a Kashin banking bag which includes a savingsdiary, calculator and certificate.  

Cycling to School

Cycles at school must be placed in the cycle stands. All cycles must be locked as the school takes no responsibility for lost or stolen bikes. Students to provide their own lock.

Only Year 6 students may cycle unsupervised to school.

Anyone below Year 6 must be supervised by an adult.

Students cycling to and from school are expected to observe all the courtesy and rules of the road - hand signals, looking behind, mounting/dismounting, keeping well left.

Students may not "double" other students to school.

Cycling is not allowed in the school grounds during school hours.

The use of a Standards Approved cycle safety helmet is compulsory.

Each year the Year 6 students take part in a ‘Cycle Safe’ programme run by the Christchurch City Council.

Please call the school office and make an appointment