School Closure Procedures

There are times when weather or natural disasters cause the school to close.


Closure Procedure

If closure able to be determined prior to 7am:

By 7am - School website updated with a closure message

By 7am - Radio Network, and Media Works ( the two networks that control radio cancellation services) notified.

Weather Conditions deteriorate during the day:

Parents can pick children up at any point of the day.  School office to be notified.

No child may go with another parent unless childs parent/caregiver has notified school office.

Individual parents may be notified to pick up children if safety of staff getting home becomes an issue.

There will always be a teacher superviser at the school until a child is picked up.

The school will be contactable by phone at all times - please leave a message if the phone is not answered as we are often busy if there is a weather / disaster issue.

While we are always reluctant to close the school during the school day, there may be times when this is necessary.