Why Choose Us?

Well Kept and Exciting Learnining Environment

The school is set on a large 3.4 hectare block of land. As such, we have very large playing fields which provide the community with a great resource. .
The community has fundraised for two different adventure playgrounds. The newer of the two is specifically for junior school children.
Shady space is provided by a number of large trees, and there are lots of seating/working spaces around the school close to classrooms.


Junior and Senior Presentations

Opportunities arise every fortnight for our students to lead assemblies. Children are encouraged to become announcers, music/song assistants and general assistants leading our CARES Assemblies . Secondly, children lead the whole school assemblies held twice a term. Yes even our 5 year olds are capable of using the microphone to introduce parts of the assemblies.
Other opportunities arise from involvement in the Duffy Books in Homes programme. These assemblies again call on our students to lead the procedings.


The CARES Philopsophy and Burnie the Bear that CARES

Why the CARES programme?

When parents were asked what they wanted for their at Sockburn School one factor coming through loud and clear was the need for their children to be involved in some form of social skills programme.

This concept has evolved since the end of 2003 and developed throughout 2004 ready for implementation.

The 5 key values are
Co operating

These have been teased out and school expectations have been devised for what is encompassed in each facet. Posters have also been developed to define what each means.

We believe they encompass both the in class expectations, as well as the out of class expectations. These key values will be reinforced on a daily basis within the classroom and every one will be clear about what they mean.

We see the introduction of these key values as a formal link back to the essential skills, and the new core competencies the Ministry of Education are developing.

CARES programme and focus

The goal is to develop a programme across the entire school to recognise and enhance the essential learning skills and attitudes of all its students.

The programme is based on acknowledging co-operation, achievement, respect, enrichment and support. There needs to be a constant reminder of these identified values throughout the day, across the school.

This will be achieved through an in-class support system, as well as expectations and reward for playground behaviour which supports these expectations.

The skills targeted are skills that will lead to the students becoming successful members of society, and will seek success in learning. Each student will be encouraged to develop meaningful relationships with their peers and teachers.

Delivery of the concept, and the building and monitoring of development, must be provided in a consistent manner. Accepted standards and clear definitions need to be adhered to.


PMP Programme

The Perceptual Motor Programme operates with the assistance of the parent helpers twice a week.  As well as this the classes involved have a class floor session as well.  Classes involved are determined by discussion in the Junior Syndicate.  Programme running is overseen by Mrs Jude Ingram.  This programme is generally run in Year 1 classes.


School and Community Fun Events

At the beginning of the school year, the families and staff enjoy an informal picnic and sports evening in the school grounds. This is a well attended event, and all who attend thoroughly enjoy it.
Throughout the year, other family activities are held and are well supported.